20211024 – Wandering Downtown Kitchener and Civic Centre

If you don’t know anything about Kitchener, you’re about to learn a thing or two.

The ‘sunset’ mode kicked-in on my phone and made it ‘pop’

Get your flu shot! (Rexall link/SDM Link) I took this leaving the Rexall on Frederick earlier this week. I normally always go to Shoppers Drug Mart, but I like this Rexall because it’s always so quiet and chill. Also they’ve got M&M food.

It was quiet

Frederick is an interesting street, this is just next to Weber Park. You’ve got a big park, old shopping mall and houses all competing to define the character of area. For me, the charm of the houses wins-out, but you can always feel the commercial part of it.

The leaves are changing
This house just stood out to me on Mansion Street. I feel like it’s going to open like a mouth and start talking to me.
It was a bright and sunny day

Ontario Street is a gem in Downtown Kitchener, and all on one street you get the amenities you’d be used to in Toronto. There’s Legacy Greens which is a green grocer with treats, meats, gifts, and food to go. There’s the Adventurer’s Guild for playing games with friends with food and drink. There’s also an indie coffee shop called Show&Tell. You don’t see it here, but further up the street there is an indie cinema called The Apollo. Lastly, it’s not Kitchener without an European restaurant, and for this we have Two Goblets and their awesome Schnitzel sandwiches to-go.

20211017 Grocery Run in Queen West

I needed something for dinner, something for dessert, and I can always use a walk.

Looking east down Queen to Bathurst
The seldom spotted Red Tesla Model 3, where Tecumseth meets Palmerston on Queen St.
A classic white Range Rover parked on the street
Tecumseth and Palmerston at Queen, without a red Tesla Model 3
The Salvation Army shelter at Queen and Tecumseth
These houses won’t be around too much longer, reminds me of a song
Queen and Bathurst, a convenience store dedicated to one of the not so good Drag Race songs
The condo behind here, is certainly a sign of things to come for these houses. Eventually we’ll be walking past yet another glass and brick podium like on any other major street in Toronto.
Looking north to Queen on Shadowy Bathurst
Sunshine beaming over the garden at St. Mary’s church at Adelaide and Bathurst
It isn’t Stanley Park, I don’t know which park it is, but it’s got a neat structure in it.
A tram passing by on King St with an INS really popping out next to the wine rack
Meant to be a photo of a VIA Rail ad, but you can’t always get what you want
Nice to see some Halloween decorations on a street between King and Queen
The wall looks a bit out of place, but it’s historical. It was built by the people kept at the hospital which is now CAMH
Looking east down Queen St, the shadow gives me a feeling I had Totoro standing next to me.
You can walk down a major street in Toronto, and then down the side there’ll be trees and houses
Neat branding with the logo, typeface and juxtaposition. There are a lot of ways to market this product to a lot of audiences, it’s rare for me to see it done so, ‘elegantly’
I will never ever remember to go and buy them, but I’m sure they’d be the best Perogies I could buy.
St. Mary’s Church at Adelaide and Bathurst
This place would be so spooky on Halloween. It’s a public washroom in Stanley Park. Never seen another washroom in a park quite like this one.
A TTC bus zooming past me
A TTC bus that has passed by me
Stanley and King
An important message in the window
Looking east down King St by Stanley Park
The perfect place to sit in Toronto. Cute bench, ATM, greenery, and a Pumpkin watching over you.
Late Afternoon Stanley Park
Washroom at Stanley Park
Looking west on King St at Tecumseth

20211016 Rainy Fall Day in Toronto

East at Ryerson and Queen
West at Ryerson and Queen
Rainy Pavement by the Theatre
Orange Everywhere
Orange and No Right Turns
Wet backstreets
Construction Time Again on Dundas
Cloudy Skyline
Rainy Kensington
Rainy Kensington
Rainy Kensington
Rainy Kensington
Hot Box Café
Tree lit up by a beam of sudden sunshine on Bloor street on a cloudy day