Easy Cook Korean Rice Cakes

You can have fun in your own city visiting ethnic grocery stores and trying new foods. I bought some easy cook rice cakes in a spicy sauce at the Galleria Express on Bloor Street.

Definitely attractive packaging, the orange leaps out at you.

In small print below the Korean script (Hangeul), the product name ‘Bunmoja Tteok-Bokki’ is in English. Tteok-Bokki are Rice Cakes in Korean.

The instructions are only in Korean, but if you cannot figure it out, you may want to stick to EasyMac

I followed the instructions and cooked it in the 1000 watt microwave for 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Not the best looking meal out of my microwave

You do eat with your eyes first, I can’t say it looked particularly appetizing, but I’m not a big fan of rice cakes. Overall it was OK, but the fun part was picking it up in the store and trying something new! Try it with anything the next time you’re in the grocery.

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